About K-Squared

Front pasture doesWe have been raising goats at K-Squared Ranch, in the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, since 2004. The early focus was on fullblood Boer breeding stock.

In 2016 we purchased our first Kiko buck, which we are crossing with the Boer does in an effort to get a healthier and hardier meat goat.

In 2019 we will begin registering eligible Kiko/Boer cross kids as Genemaster with the National Kiko Registry. Go to http://www.nationalkikoregistry.com for more information.

All goats are unconditionally guaranteed for 30-days.

American Boer Goat Association Member #21016.
National Kiko Registry #42.
United States Boer Goat Association Member #7963.

Please use the Contact page to email us for more information or send inquiries to KBurenga @ gmail . com.

Kean Burenga
Ringoes, NJ
March 2019